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Alphabet completes international rebranding

Alphabet launches a new corporate look sealing the fusion with ING Car Lease

MUNICH 19/07/2012 – Just ten months after the successful merger with ING Car Lease, Alphabet has completed corporate rebranding in each of the markets where it operates. The new look acknowledges the integration of two major European Business Mobility players resulting in one dynamic force: Alphabet.

Alphabet has long recognised that Business Mobility no longer begins and ends with fleet management. Customers' mobility needs are becoming more complex and the demand for flexible, new solutions is growing. Alphabet anticipates and responds to these new market requirements by being on the cutting-edge of innovation. The development of advanced Business Mobility schemes such as the corporate car sharing solution AlphaCity reinforces Alphabet's role as an industry trendsetter.

The redesigned corporate identity visuals can be found on Alphabet's communications' media including websites, image campaigns and sales and marketing materials. The crisp, contemporary look takes the blue and orange corporate colours of each merging partner into account. The combination of these colours signifies the fusion of both companies into one stronger new entity.


About Alphabet

Alphabet is a provider of Business Mobility in Europe. As such it helps companies to manage their corporate mobility in an economical and sustainable way. Founded in 1997 as a fleet management division of BMW Group, Alphabet has gathered extensive knowledge in fleet management and leasing. Based on this know-how the company creates innovative and flexible Business Mobility solutions that fit customers’ needs. One example is the corporate car sharing scheme AlphaCity. Alphabet has more than 480,000 cars of all makes under contract and is ranked fourth in the market. It offers a wide range of products and services including consulting, financing and car-related services, as well as comprehensive management programmes for corporate fleets. Alphabet has its headquarters in Munich, Germany, and is represented in 19 countries.