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Vehicle Inspections and Repairs

At Alphabet we respond to all your queries and needs.

Below you will find a list of FAQs on vehicle inspections and repairs.

Where can I have my car inspected?

The cars must be inspected solely in the service centres approved by Alphabet Polska. You can find the addresses of the service centres in the Repair workshop locator.

What should I keep in mind when going to a service centre?

During each inspection/repair, you should inform the service centre employees that the vehicle is owned/managed by Alphabet Polska Fleet Management Sp. z o.o. The service centre employee/dealer has to contact Alphabet Polska's Technical Department to get acceptance for the planned repairs and inspections.

Please remember to have your service record stamped and properly filled in by the service centre staff whenever your vehicle is serviced. All users must observe the inspection due dates and use the car in accordance with the recommendations included in the instructions for use.

What should I remember about in the period between inspections?

To avoid any operational problems, you should regularly check the following elements in your car:

  • motor oil level;
  • coolant level;
  • brake fluid level;
  • tyre pressure and tyre tread wear;
  • operability of lights; and
  • validity of the vehicle registration certificate (MOT).

If the car returned to us shows any signs of excessive wear, your company will be charged with the repair costs.

I am a new vehicle user and do not know when my next inspection is due.

You will find all details of the inspection cycle in the vehicle warranty booklet. If there are no entries in the booklet, call us on: +48 22 820 55 66.

What is the tolerance window for the vehicle inspection?

You should make your best efforts to have your vehicle inspected on due dates. If it proves impossible, there is a tolerance window of +/- 500km or +/- 30 days set by the manufacturer.

I would like to have my car inspected in the door-to-door system. What should I do?

Make sure that the car is covered by the door-to-door system, as specified in the agreement with Alphabet Polska. If it is the case, please call us on: +48 22 820 55 66.

I have a scheduled inspection and will need a replacement car for the time of inspection - what should I do?

If the service centre does not provide a car free of charge (as it is not required to do so), Alphabet Polska can only arrange for a replacement car to be provided against payment. In such case, please refer to the fleet manager in your company.

While my car was being inspected, the service centre staff informed me that additional parts had to be ordered and my car is immobile. What should I do?

Please contact Alphabet Assistance that will arrange for a replacement car for the time of repair (if it is compliant with the contractual terms).

I would like to have an inspection authorised, as recommended by the service centre. What should I do?

The approved service centre is directly authorised by Alphabet Polska on the day when the user visits the service centre.

Why has my favourite service centre been removed from the preference list? Can I continue to have my car serviced there?

We regularly monitor the competences of our service centres and update their list. If we are not satisfied with the quality of servicing, we have to replace a given service centre with another one. Please remember that when using "not preferred" service centres, your request for the service authorisation may be rejected.

Can I request that a spare bulb is placed in my car boot when having my car serviced?

Unfortunately not, Alphabet Polska does not replace items in advance. It is also prohibited to repair/replace any items on your own.

I am planning a long journey. Can I have a "pre-trip" vehicle inspection?

If the mileage or time limit set for the planned technical inspection has almost been reached (+/- 500 km or +/- 30 days), the car can be checked before the trip. A check-up "just in case" can be made at the user's or company's expense. Should any irregularities be discovered during the inspection, the repair costs will be borne by Alphabet.

I need to add oil to my car - can I buy oil at a fuel station or do I need to visit a service centre?

In such case you are encouraged to visit an authorised service centre for a given make to exclude the risk of using the wrong type of engine oil and ensure a cashless service settlement. You can find the addresses of the service centres in the Repair workshop locator.

You can also use our AlphaGuide application, which can be accessed from the Android mobile devices.

A warning light came on in my car. What should I do?

Please remember that a vehicle with the red warning light on cannot be used any more - you should call the Alphabet Assistance to have the vehicle towed to the service centre. "Yellow" warning lights indicate a defect in the vehicle, you can, however, continue the journey. Contact the service centre to verify the defect. Go to the Repair workshop locator.

I found some paint damage which had not been caused by an accident or collision - what should I do?

If no claims related to damage resulting from an accident or collision were adjusted with regard to the reportable item and it has not been found to be mechanically damaged, you should visit an authorised service centre to have it repaired under guarantee. When visiting the service centre, you should have a valid vehicle service record.

If any claims related to damage resulting from an accident or collision were adjusted with regard to the reportable item, please take a picture of the defect and send an e-mail to the following address: