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Vehicle Documents

At Alphabet we respond to all your queries and needs.

Below you will find a list of FAQ on vehicle documents.

What should the driver do if their keys or documents/car registration plates have been lost or stolen?

The driver should immediately report the loss of documents or car registration plates to Alphabet Polska through the contact form or by calling on +48 22 820 55 55.

The user should also remember to report this incident to the police.

What should I do if the driver reports that their vehicle warranty booklet was lost?

The costs of issuing a duplicate warranty booklet will be charged to your company. In such case, please request Alphabet Polska by e-mail to have a duplicate issued and confirm your acceptance of costs to be paid. The information should be sent to the address:

The police has seized the vehicle registration certificate of one of my fleet cars due to an invalid MOT. What should I do?

Please have your car inspected and then contact:

Leszek Pszczółkowski 609 99 5570 (reg. no WI/WE) 
Dariusz Brodziak 609 99 55 60 (reg. no. SK/SM)

Please send the original police certificate and the MOT certificate to the following address: Alphabet Polska, ul. Wołoska 22a, 02-675 Warsaw (reg. no. WI/WE), ul. Chorzowska 50, 40-086 Katowice (reg. no. SK/SM) The documents will be sent to you via courier.