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During the tyre change season drivers will be informed about the date and place of exchange via SMS after having completed all necessary data in the DRIVE App by the Fleet Manager.

Below you will find a list of FAQs on tyres.

How is the winter/summer tyre switch scheduled in cooperation with Alphabet Polska?

Once the tyre switch season has started, we send an invitation to all fleet managers to use the DRIVE App, asking them to check and complete data required to switch tyres such as vehicle location, driver's mobile phone number.

Based on the details given, Alphabet Polska's employee will arrange for the tyres to be transferred and purchased for the cars that do not have them. Once the tyres are available in a given location, the user will be sent a text message with the information which service centre they should visit. Those who use the door-to-door system are not sent a text message but are contacted by phone to arrange a suitable tyre change time.

Is it possible for the drivers to edit their data in the DRIVE Application?

There is a Driver Module in the application through which:

  • each driver may log in the application and individually identify their tyre storage site.
  • modify their contact number;
  • confirm the completion of the tyre change process;

additionally, company's fleet manager can provide the drivers with an extended option to edit their data. Consequently, each driver may individually specify the place where they want to change their tyres.

Note: When giving this authorisation, please make sure that the option to modify the tyre storage site is not excessively used as any unreasonable modifications will generate costs for your company and extend the time required to prepare the deposited tyres for change.

If you choose not to provide the users with the option to edit their data in the Tyre Application, we will ask the fleet managers to enter the data, as it was in the previous years.

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