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Telematics systems is a solution for car fleet management, which affects both security and costs reduction associated with the use of company vehicles.

Thanks to the current transmission of data from GPS devices installed in cars, you get access to detailed data on all vehicles in your fleet. They include the location of the vehicle, its speed, direction of movement or place of stops.

In addition, the system provides such functionalities as the ability to determine the driving mode during the business and private use of the car. These data allow for the optimal use of vehicles, as well as effective planning and control, affecting the reduction of direct costs of fleet operation.

Immediate transmission of information about non-typical situations, such as triggering an alarm in a car or exceeding a zone of movement defined for a given car, can significantly increase the level of fleet security.

Benefits for your company:

  • Increased efficiency of driver and vehicle work
  • Improving security
  • Option to optimize routes
  • The possibility of delimiting the time of private and business travel