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Short-term rental

Short-term rental

With the short-term vehicle rental service, you will be given support when you need to quickly add more cars to your fleet.

When negotiating the terms of cooperation with Alphabet, you can be sure that we will consider all unexpected events that may impair the mobility of your fleet and employees.

Alphabet Polska offers you very attractive terms for the short-term rental of vehicles. We have our own fleet of a few hundred vehicles no older than 2 years, which are used for short-term rental purposes only.

The short-term rental option is dedicated to the Clients who already use some other services provided by Alphabet Polska, as well as to new Clients who consider collaboration with us. With this solution in place, we can quickly and smoothly meet unexpected needs to expand the vehicle fleet.

Client's benefits:

  • attractive rental rates and terms
  • possibility of collecting and returning the vehicle all over Poland
  • available vehicles of various classes