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Safety program

Safety Program

Did you know that company car drivers were more often involved in traffic incidents than those driving their private cars? At Alphabet safety is given the utmost importance. Consequently, we assist the drivers in developing good driving habits and train them in safe driving.

Reducing the loss ratio in the company's fleet is one of the crucial points in the fleet policies of most our Clients. These often provide for an incentive system for employees to promote safer use of company cars. However, sometimes the drivers' good intentions do not match their skills.

The Safety Program can be an ideal solution to this problem. In this programme we focus not only on the comprehensive theoretical part but also on improving practical skills. Company car users can develop good driving habits and learn how to use business cars in an effective and environmentally friendly way.

The theoretical part of our programme is addressed to fleet managers and covers the following aspects:

  • general guidelines to enhance safety
  • analysis of damage ratio in the fleet
  • specification of high-risk areas
  • proposed corrective measures
  • common implementation and monitoring of adopted measures.

The practical part is designed for company car drivers and includes:

  • series of driving improvement classes provided by professional trainers
  • lectures on psychology and analysis of driver's behaviour
  • presentations of police experts on road accidents
  • medical rescue training
  • presentation and analysis of accident consequences
  • eco-driving training.