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Operating lease


    Operating lease

    Operating lease involves car funding.

    Operating lease is a solution for the companies that only want to finance the vehicle fleet without using any additional maintenance and repair services. A flexible offer, involving two monthly payment calculation options (fixed or variable rate), as well as the vehicle's residual value will make it possible to adjust the amount of the lease payments to your financial ability.
    Cars are handed out for use under an operating lease agreement. The contract term ranges from 24 to 60 months, with an end-of-contract buyout option being provided.

    The monthly fee is tax deductible for your company.

    Benefits for your company:

    • a high residual value can be set with the risk being borne by Alphabet Polska
    • individually negotiated, favourable financial terms
    • free choice of monthly payment calculation method (fixed or variable rate)
    • predictable financial flows

    Tax benefits:

    • off-balance sheet funding
    • reduced operating costs - Alphabet Polska can deduct VAT when purchasing vehicles and consequently, the lease payments are calculated for net car prices.
    • lease payments are tax deductible operating expenses
    • right to deduct VAT from the monthly fee up to the legally allowed limit