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At Alphabet we respond to all your queries and needs.

For our clients' convenience, we offer an e-reporting application to generate individual fleet reports.

Some reports, which are available "off-the-shelf", are a selection of the most frequently ordered packages. Here is a list:

  • fleet list
  • fleet financial data
  • technical details of cars
  • technical inspection expiry date
  • re-invoiced repairs
  • record of maintenance services and repairs
  • traffic offences
  • unpaid invoices and adjustment invoices
  • contract starts
  • fuel transactions during the last 3 months
  • technical inspections expiring up to 2 months
  • prospective contract end dates
  • contracts ending up to 3 months
  • expected end-of-contract mileage
  • exhaust emission limits

Feel free to use our online reports!

Please log in to access the application.

In order to obtain the registration details, please contact us on:

tel. +48 22 820 55 88