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Women's Fleet - one and only event of a kind

Kolejna edycja Kobiecej Floty za nami

On March 10-11 this year the 7th edition of the Women's Fleet took place - a unique event created for women professionally related to the management of company cars. Alphabet Polska has been the main partner of this initiative since its first edition in 2014.

The Women's Fleet is a unique event on our fleet market, which stands out not only in terms of the specific group of recipients it is addressed to, but above all in terms of its unique atmosphere that cannot be compared with anything else.

Zofia Kosińska, Marketing and Business Development Director, Alphabet Polska Fleet Management:

Each year, in the first days of March, several dozen women professionally associated with the management of company car parks have the opportunity to meet in their own group to gain new knowledge and skills, both in the fleet field and in the area of ​​developing their soft skills.

Alphabet Polska has been the main partner of the Women's Fleet since the first edition of this event seven years ago, each year providing participants with unforgettable training courses and attractions. We invited Kamila Kalińczak, a journalist, lecturer and public speaking trainer, to this year's event. She conducted her own workshops "How to speak so that we are heard". I am delighted that it has been so warmly received by the participants of the Women's Fleet.

This year's Women's Fleet was also the last large industry meeting in which we participated before the epidemiological emergency announced in mid-March.