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#StartTheRestart - Helmut Hoidn, CEO Alphabet Polska

#StartTheRestart - Helmut Hoidn, CEO Alphabet Polska

As time goes by, we all learn to function in the new reality. Our company monitors the news on the development of the situation on an ongoing basis and analyzes the information coming to us both from the country, from the market, and from you - our clients and business partners.

We sincerely thank you for all opinions, comments and trust, thanks to which we are able to adapt our activities to your needs and expectations in completely new conditions for us.

Despite all its difficult sides, the COVID-19 pandemic is also an opportunity for us to pay attention to the flexible adaptation of our processes to the situation. Business mobility solutions are not universal and require each time adjustment to individual challenges facing our clients. This task is always our first priority.

I am convinced that this shared experience will allow us to develop further, and the knowledge we gain every day will allow us to smoothly return to a new normality.


Kind Regards,
Helmut Hoidn, CEO Alphabet Polska