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Establishment of ING Car Lease Polska. An operational start-up.


The growth rate of the company's portfolio reached the level of 44%, which equaled 2,000 vehicles on the road at the end of the year.


Customer Satisfaction Survey confirms the very high assessment of the quality of services provided by ING Car Lease.

The company's growth rate is again at 30%, which means that the growth trend of ING Car Lease is 50% higher than the entire CFM's market in Poland.


Leszek Pomorski is appointed the President of the Polish Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association.


Changes in the Management Board: Leszek Pomorski, the current Vice President and Director of Marketing and Sales becomes the President of the Company.



At the end of 2011 all Alphabet companies merged with ING Car Lease, which strengthened the company's position on the European market. After the merger, the fleet of managed cars is already 460,000 vehicles.



Alphabet fleet in Europe has reached the level of 500,000 vehicles. A half-millionth car was ordered by a long-time Alphabet Polska customer - Deloitte.

At the end of the year Alphabet Polska introduced to its offer a revolutionary service for electric vehicles - AlphaElectric - the first of its kind on Polish market, a comprehensive service dedicated to car fleets.


For the second year in a row, Alphabet Polska won the Eco Solutions category of the Fleet Awards Polska Plebiscite for the Electrification Potential Analysis and in the Fleet Derby Plebiscite, for the third year in a row, Alphabet won the award for the Best Car Fleet Management service. The company's president, Leszek Pomorski, also received the Fleet Personality of 2015 distinction.

At the end of the year, Michał Chudzik officially assumed the position of the Director of the Sales and Marketing Department.


At the beginning of the year Aymeric Poilpot joins the Alphabet Polska team as Chief Financial Officer, replacing Christian Hoeltl in this position.

For the second year in a row, Alphabet Polska receives the Fleet Award for the Best Car Fleet Management service, and in the Fleet Derby Plebiscite we win in the Mobile Application category.

This means that AlphaGuide has become the most appreciated application of the CFM company on the Polish fleet market.




Alphabet Polska supports the research project Missions Zero Emission, implemented by the Polish Alternative Fuels Association and is involved in the substantive cycle of training "Electromobility in practice" implemented for the needs of local governments throughout Poland.

In April, Alphabet delivered 250 electric BMW i3 to Poland's largest and one of Europe's largest all-electric innogy go car sharing!

Leszek Pomorski is honored with the Fleet Leader Award for 22 years in the car fleet industry and for being a pioneer in modern business solutions.


At the end of July Leszek Pomorski retires and Helmut Hoidn becomes the new President of the Alphabet Polska Board since August 1.

Alphabet fleet has over 19 thousand vehicles.


The company is steadily growing. Leszek Pomorski becomes the new Commercial Director.
The company ends 2003 with an impressive result of over 1,000 cars in its fleet.



The company is one of the founders of the Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. Leszek Pomorski becomes a member of the PVRLA board. As a result of the highest quality of services provided by the Company, ING Car Lease receives the ISO 9000: 2001 Quality Certificate as the first CFM company in Poland.

At the end of the year Gazeta Finansowa grants ING Car Lease the "Best leasing product for small and medium enterprises" award.


The number of cars in the ING Car Lease portfolio is now 5,000!



The company changes its headquarters, moving from its existing office at Pl. Trzech Krzyży, which was shared with other ING companies. The new head office is located in Warsaw's Mokotów district.


Alphabet's share in the Polish Car Fleet Management market reached nearly 9 percent and the number of vehicles on the road was over 12,000.

Alphabet Polska won in three categories in the Fleet Awards Plebiscite, winning prizes for its two new services - AlphaElectric and AlphaGuide and as the Company Most Friendly to Fleet Managers. In addition, Alphabet was honored in the Fleet Derby Plebiscite, winning the prize for the best Car Fleet Management service.



The Alphabet Polska team celebrates its 15th anniversary on the Polish CFM market!

For the fourth year in a row Alphabet has won the Fleet Derby award for the Best Car Fleet Management service. The company also wins in the same category of the Fleet Awards Polska Plebiscite and receives an award for the new version of the AlphaGuide application.

In the annual customer satisfaction survey, Alphabet Polska wins the highest average of results of all Alphabet markets in each of the surveyed areas, including general satisfaction, customer loyalty, willingness to continue cooperation and willingness to recommend the company.


In mid-January, the AlphaGuide application is made available to users in a completely new visual layout.

A few months later AlphaGuide once again gains recognition of the Polish fleet industry, winning the Mobile Solutions category of the Fleet Awards Polska plebiscite. In the Fleet Derby plebiscite, we are honored with the statuette for AlphaElectric, in the category of Ecology.

At the end of the year, Alphabet Polska is honored with a distinction for its commitment to the development of electromobility in Poland during the 2018 Electromobility Leader Gala, accompanying the COP24 climate summit in Katowice.

The Alphabet Polska fleet has over 18,000 vehicles and the Alphabet International portfolio has increased by a total of 9 new markets. The company's products and services are thus available on three continents and 28 markets - in Europe, Australia and China.