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Fleet management


    Fleet management

    Fleet management service is a solution for the Clients who want to delegate their fleet management tasks to Alphabet Polska. With the exclusive management option, you can also select any other additional services.

    Alphabet Polska provides comprehensive and professional services for all vehicles covered by the agreement. Once a month you get invoiced for the services ordered with us. You can keep up to date with your individual reports. With this option in place, activities related to the fleet management in your company can be reduced to a minimum. You can also benefit from Alphabet Polska's discounts in repair workshops that will keep your costs low.

    Benefits for your company:

    • administration and accounting duties delegated to Alphabet Polska
    • Alphabet Polska handling and managing maintenance and repair services in service centres throughout the country
    • cashless settlement of car services in the network of Alphabet Polska's repair workshops
    • monthly reports with a cost analysis
    • depreciation write-offs to be made by your company
    • gradual change over to other funding solutions

    Financial benefits:

    • reduction in the costs of repair and maintenance services (with Alphabet Polska's discounts and deferred payments)
    • full control over the fleet budget