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End of Contract and Car Buyout

At Alphabet we respond to all your queries and needs.

Below you will find a list of FAQs on contract termination and car buyout options.

How do I know that the car return date is approaching?

You can find the information about the approaching vehicle return date in the vehicle schedule.

What is the vehicle return procedure?

When returning their car, the user will be asked to complete and sign a vehicle return report in the presence of a representative of Alphabet Polska.

Each driver is also asked to make sure that:
1. all standard and optional equipment financed with the lease payment is fitted in the car and intact (e.g.: car jack, spare wheel, spanners, accessories, navigation system, audio-visual equipment, roof box); all extras other than the standard and optional equipment have been removed from the car (e.g.: hands-free kit, CB radio, screens);
3. you have removed all your personal property from the car(glasses, mobile phone, CDs);

4. the car has been washed and its interior is free of any persistent and unpleasant odours(e.g.: tobacco or pet odour);
5. all lettering and advertisements displayed on the car have been removed without damaging or changing the colour of the paintwork; and
6. the listed documents are in the car (a charge will be made for missing documents):

  • all keys supplied to you along with remote alarm fobs etc. (2 or more, depending on the car make);
  • vehicle registration document with a valid MOT certificate; and
  • up-to-date service record, stamped each time the car is serviced.
What should the users consider before returning their vehicles?

The users should be reminded to make sure that the car is returned in a clean condition and free of any personal belongings. If the car returned to Alphabet Polska shows any signs of excessive wear, your company will be charged with the repair costs.

How do you evaluate possible excessive wear of the vehicle?

The vehicle’s condition at the end of the contract is evaluated by an independent company. Based on the expert evaluation report, your company may be charged with costs of the excessive wear of the vehicle, which is determined in accordance with the valid PZWLP Vehicle Return Guide.