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Our Mobility Consulting Tool optimises fleet usage

Designed to optimise how you use your Alphabet fleet, our Mobility Consulting Tool will help you understand how our range of solutions and services can make your fleet more efficient and productive.

We analyse real vehicle data to provide you with recommendations for reducing fuel consumption and emissions, electrifying your fleet, saving money on parking, and initiating a corporate carsharing scheme.

We understand your fleet requirements are as unique as your business, so you'll receive a holistic analysis of your vehicle usage that will form the basis of a new, more efficient mobility strategy for you.

How our Mobility Consulting Tool helps fleets

Electrification potential

Usage data tells us what kinds of trips are taken and how often, so we can work out if you would benefit from electrifying your fleet. We can also help you set up charging infrastructure where you need it most.

Carsharing efficiencies

With in-depth data for your vehicles, we can highlight the potential for carsharing. We can show you which vehicles could be shared and where they can be left to charge or be collected most conveniently.

Lower parking costs

Our Mobility Consultancy Tool can identify where and for how long vehicles are parked. With this data, we can help you establish ways to save money - like alternative parking locations, carsharing, or electric vehicles.

Vehicle recommendations

We can analyse usage patterns to help you select the right vehicles to suit your business requirements as well as save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

How our Mobility Consulting Tool works

fleet data collection

Step 1: Data collection

We gather data from each of your chosen vehicles using our GDPR-compliant GPS trackers. This includes common destinations, distance travelled per day and trip, how often it's used, and how long it's parked for.

fleet analysis

Step 2: Analysis

After one month, we take the trackers out and analyse their data to calculate fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and usage patterns. These consider averages like number of miles driven per day, average speed, and time vehicles spent parked.

fleet optimisation

Step 3: Optimisation

Once we've identified your business' mobility spots, we'll narrow these down to specific Points of Interest. Our Mobility Consulting Tool can show you where to consider installing or making the most of existing facilities to charge electric vehicles, implement carsharing, or save money on parking.

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