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Glass Repair and Replacement for your Alphabet vehicle

Your vehicle's windscreen makes up 30% of its structural strength and often contains Advanced Driver Assistance Systems used for safety features like lane departure warning and automatic emergency breaking, so even the smallest crack could turn into a major issue.

Keep your windscreen in perfect condition with our 24/7 glass management system. With trusted suppliers and preferential rates, you can choose from over 190 UK fitting and ADAS calibration centres – or have one of our 1,700 mobile technicians come to you.

Our glass service is pay on use and not automatically included as part of your maintenance package, so you will need to have signed up in order to access the service. Talk to your Fleet Contact to check if this is available to you.


Glass Services

Request Form

Request Information:

Please provide us with your vehicle information and details about the glass damage and we will validate your request* and respond within 4 business hours to confirm a date and time for your glass appointment.

Important Note: If you have an ADAS system** on your vehicle then you may need to arrange a 2nd appointment to get your windscreen re-calibrated.


*Alphabet’s glass services are a pay on use service. The service costs nothing to turn on and you only ever get charged for the work carried out. If you have not signed up to our glass services then we will work with you to confirm how to proceed.

**What is ADAS?

As the safety technology evolves within vehicles, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) become more common place. It’s important to ensure that they are functioning correctly. These systems can alert drivers to potential problems on the roads and can even take control of the vehicle when necessary – applying the emergency brakes if the vehicle was to collide with an object, for example.

These systems use a combination of cameras and sensors that are often built into the windscreen. They usually sit inside a car windscreen and when a glass replacement is carried out, its angle and position changes.

The process requires the correct alignment and re-calibration of the cameras and sensors to avoid any duty of care issues where driver sensors/aids may not work correctly.


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Your questions answered

When to get damage repaired

It's always best to get any chip or crack repaired straight away. Fixing any small damage is generally quick and inexpensive. Left unattended it can quickly spread, restricting your visibility and undermining your vehicle's structural strength.

It’s also important to know that driving with a damaged windscreen can be seen as a motoring offence. If the damage extends for 40mm or more your vehicle will fail its MOT.

How to know if you need a fix or replacement

Our guidance is that a damaged windscreen should always be repaired first, rather than replaced. Windscreens are split into A, B, C & D zones. In Zone A, which is centred on the steering wheel, you can only repair damage 10mm or less in diameter. In other zones, the limit is 40mm.

Knowing the importance of ADAS

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are designed to alert drivers to potential road hazards. They use a combination of cameras and sensors often built into the windscreen.

When a screen is replaced, its angle and position can change. So, to make sure the cameras and sensors continue operating safely, they must be perfectly aligned and re-calibrated.

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