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Fuel card

Blocking, replacements and requesting a new PIN

We'll arrange a replacement

With the Alphabet Fuel & Service Card, you benefit from maximum cost transparency and cashless payments. In accordance with the range of services stipulated under your contract, you can make cashless payments to purchase fuel as well as, where applicable, additional services such as lubricants, car washes, accessories and shop articles.

Use the different cards as a means of payment within the petrol station network of the respective oil company. Depending on the scope of services provided, fuel can either only be purchased in Switzerland or throughout Europe.

Information on the Alphabet Fuel & Service Card:

  • With the Alphabet Fuel & Service Card, you receive a random PIN code under separate cover. For security reasons, please do not note the code down on the Alphabet Fuel & Service Card and always store the PIN code and card separately from one another.
  • If you have an Alphabet Fuel & Service Card, the fuel card also entitles you to procure services at the same time.
  • Enter your vehicle’s precise mileage every time you fuel up.
  • If your fuel card is lost, stolen or damaged, it is possible to pay for the fuel in cash and subsequently reclaim the amount. You can access the reimbursement form directly here.
  • The driver is liable for any misuse of the Alphabet Fuel & Service Card. Please therefore immediately report the theft or loss of the fuel card so that we can request for the card to be blocked and provide you with a new Alphabet Fuel & Service Card.
  • All partner petrol stations as well as the recommended tyre and service partners are included in the app (free of charge for iOS and Android from the App Store or Google Play Store) or can be found directly via the online search.

Please note that existing cards will be blocked automatically upon ordering a new fuel card. 

Has your fuel card been lost or stolen?
We will arrange for your fuel card to be blocked and make sure you receive a replacement card as soon as possible.

Please correctly complete the following form in full: 

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Your fuel card number can be found in the letter containing your initial PIN for the fuel card.


Please note that the requested documents will be sent directly to this address.

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You can reach us by phone Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

+41 58 269 65 67 (for customers)
+41 58 269 67 54 (for dealers/service partners)