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Motivational leasing

Staff without a company car can trade in part of their salary in return for mobility solutions such as a company car, whilst reaping the benefit of the profitable lease rates of their company.

How does Motivational Leasing work?

You give employees who do not have a company car the freedom of choice to opt for a car, a (electric) bicycle, etc. within a certain budget. Which allows every employee to decide himself to opt for the solution that is best geared to his or her individual needs. 
A win-win situation for all as the lease contract is strictly between Alphabet and the employer, including advice and support at every level, from the set-up all the way to the management of this budget-neutral scheme. Allowing your employee to enjoy his new car or bike, without a care. In addition, Motivational Leasing sees you enhancing your sustainable image by encouraging your drivers to opt for recent and eco-friendly cars.

What’s in it for you?

  • works as an incentive for your current staff
  • raises your appeal when recruiting new employees 
  • is a budget-neutral mobility solution
  • works wonders for your sustainable image courtesy of eco-friendly cars