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Delivery of the car

We have put together for you a list of the most common questions we are asked about the delivery of a new lease car. Please find it below.

FAQ about the delivery of your car

When is the number plate of my car requested?
  • after written agreement from your employer;
  • after receiving the deposit (if applicable and in accordance with the agreement in your employer’s car policy);
  • when your current lease car has reached the end of the contract (180,000 km or in the final month of the contractual term).
When will I receive my deposit invoice?

The deposit invoice is drawn up and sent six weeks before the expected delivery date.

Why do I have to make a deposit payment?

If the allowed lease budget is exceeded (and if your employer’s car policy allows), a deposit payment must be made.

Is my car delivered on winter tyres?

The car is not delivered on winter tyres, not even during the winter season. If your car is delivered between October and February, two weeks after delivery you will receive an invitation by email regarding the tyre change.

If you have any questions about the tyre change you can call the Alphabet Tire Line on +32 78 05 00 48 or send an email to

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My current car is due to go to the technical inspection and my new one will be delivered soon. Do I still have to go to the technical inspection?

If the new car cannot be delivered before the latest date stated on the inspection certificate, you must go to the technical inspection.

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I have a service scheduled for my current car and my new car is ready. Do I still have to take my current car in for its service?

You do not need to go unless you have technical problems with the car.

With whom do I need to arrange my appointment to pick up my new car?

You must contact the sales representative or new car delivery service of the dealer.

What must I do with my current car when I receive a message to pick up my new car?

If it is an Alphabet car, you will receive a message from our partner. You can make an appointment with our partner to have the car assessment carried out and to pick up your new car. This is best done at the same time as when you pick up your new car.

If you have a temporary car, the car may be left at the dealer where you are picking up your new car or at one of our AlphaRent branches.

What if I cannot pick up my new car within the six working days set by Alphabet?

Please contact us and we will take this into account. You must pick up your new car as soon as you can, however.

Is my fuel card delivered with my new car?

Yes, the fuel card is present in the Alphabet document folder given to you upon delivery of your car.

How do I receive the PIN code of my fuel card?

You or your fleet manager will receive the PIN code by email on the day the number plate is requested.

What if I need a residents’ parking permit?

A certificate for this purpose can be requested via