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5 handy apps for on the road

5 handige apps voor onderweg

Is it actually possible to keep working while you’re on the move? It is! These apps come in handy and transform your smartphone into a kind of mobile office.

1. AlphaGuide: Alphabet’s personal management assistant

The calendar makes sure that you leave on time for your next appointment, that you can link your contract, declare fuel costs should you have a fuel card, report damage or request roadside assistance from Alphabet Assistance in case of breakdown.

2. Evernote: a digital notebook

It’s the equivalent of an old-fashioned notebook, but instead it’s one that you can update and consult any time and anywhere. Evernote doesn’t just have lists, but also includes photos, sound recordings and reminders. It’s incredibly handy for quickly jotting something down while you’re underway.

3. Remember the milk: the smart to-do list

Remember the milk profiles itself as ‘the smart to-do-app for busy people’. Simply call it an external memory that helps you remember. What’s useful is that you are able to share the to-do lists and can tag assignments with an end date.

4. Dropbox: storage in the cloud

Having access to documents anywhere you are is a huge plus for mobile workers. A cloud service can be of assistance in this respect. The three largest are: Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. This last one provides you with the largest amount of free storage space (15GB).

5. Parkopedia: on the lookout for a parking spot

The more time you spend looking for a parking spot, the more precious (working)time you lose. Parkopedia is an international app that helps you find a parking spot and that lets you know how expensive car parks are. This app is especially handy in major cities.

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